Fixing a pothole using our Dustinex product.

Step 1:
Roughly clean the pothole to prepare it for fixing.
Note: Make sure that the pothole is dry and that there is no rain expected for the rest of the day.

Step 2:
Seal the pothole and 10cm around the pothole with Dustinex.
What works well is to pour on the edge of the pothole so that most of it flows into the pothole; but some on the road as well.
What happens here is that the product seals into the foundation of the road and with the road surface around it to prevent it from flushing out or breaking when it rains.

Step 3:
Fill the pothole with a gravel and dirt mixture until it is fush with the road and then fill the pothole with Dustinex.
Note: When using mainly dirt it is recommended to break this step up over two days. Fill the pothole halfway with dirt and Dustinex then fill with Dirt until it is slightly past flush with the road.  What this does is it allows the dirt Dustinex mixture to compact without mushrooming out.  The day after the dirt should have compacted until flush with the road if not scrape top off until it is flush with the road, then soak with Dustinex and throw a 5cm layer of dirt on top to allow it to compact as the cars drive over without mushrooming out.
Step 4: 
Compact the pothole a bit by stomping on it with your feet.
Step 5:
Throw a 5cm layer of dirt or preferably gravel on top.
This allows it compact as cars drive over the pothole, making the fix stronger.
Step 6:
After the initial fix throw additional Dustinex 4 more times (every 2-3 days as the weather allows) on the pothole to build its long-term strength and ensure that it is properly sealed with the road surface.
Use the top layer of gravel as a dam wall, let the Dustinex soak into the ground and then cover again with the gravel.

Some extra cool things:

Using big stones at the bottom of deep potholes reduces the amount of Dustinex needed.  The strength however is proved from the smaller particles so make sure that there is some dirt and gravel in along with the bigger stones.

Here you can see underneath the gravel it has formed a solid rock-like fix.
This is a pothole that was fixed and soaked every few days with Dustinex the gravel was then driven off by the cars; but the Dustinex fix remained.
Using a car to compact the fixed pothole is very effective especially when using a lot of dirt.